An exhaustive review has been made to filter the studies that have analyzed muscle function though tensiomyography (TMG) with elite or well-trained athletes. The results of this review indicate that the several protocols used in athletes to find the displacement-time curve with greater maximum radial muscle displacement showed a good-excellent reliability.

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The tensiomyography (TMG) technique is increasingly used to determine muscle contractile properties in exercise and injury management. The present study investigated the informative value of TMG parameters in correlation with commonly used (creatine kinase, CK; myoglobin, Mb) and novel candidate biomarkers of muscle damage (heart-type fatty acid-binding protein, h-FABP; high-mobility group box 1, HMGB1). Full article

New article was published in Journal of Applied Physiology and it’s about using Tensiomyography to detect changes in muscles as a consequence after lack of movement.

We are leaving in the world facing aging of the population and anti-aging research are gaining importance.

This article demonstrate how useful can be the information provided by Tensiomyography . Full article



MC Sensor—A Novel Method for Measurement of Muscle Tension:


The Piezo-resistive MC Sensor is a Fast and Accurate Sensor for the Measurement of Mechanical Muscle Activity


In-Vivo Measurement of Muscle Tension: Dynamic Properties of the MC Sensor during Isometric Muscle Contraction:


A Novel Approach to Measuring Muscle Mechanics in Vehicle Collision Conditions:


Mechanomyography and Torque during FES-Evoked Muscle Contractions to Fatigue in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury:


Evaluation of mechanical properties of knee extensor and patellar tendon during squatting by muscle contraction sensor method:


Evaluation of isokinetic muscle performance using a novel mechanomyogram sensor:

We are proud to announce 23 scientific publications in 2017! Congratulations to all the authors and co-authors! We never had so many publications published in a year.


We believe Tensiomyography is assessment tool to use if you are aiming for good scientific impact. In order to gain scientific impact your publication needs to reach good relationship between innovation and acceptance and Tensiomyography is offering exactly this. 100 TMG publications are a guaranty for acceptance but on the other side 100 TMG publications is still a low figure and you have huge amount of space to be innovative.


We are entering 2018 with high expectations that this number of annual publications will be exceeded once again.

We have reached the first milestone in our collaboration with Wolters Kluwer, new web page for

Advances in Skeletal Muscle Function Assessment, a publication of International Society of Tensiomyography. Of course this is just a start!


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We are proud to announce our Asian tour which will take place from 23th January 2018 – 9th February 2018. Organisations interested in Tensiomyography will be visited and workshops will be organised.

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Japan: 23th January 2018 – 27th January 2018

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