• Problem

      Despite the best efforts in rehabilitation, your athletes reinjure themselves frequently. You cannot tell whether the injury has healed completely and if function has been restored successfully.


      The TMG™ Rehabilitation Check-up provides unique and valid, reliable and objective information on muscle function. Base your decisions on concrete and relevant information to reduce re-injury risk.

    • How it works?

      • measurement

        TMG™ Rehabilitation Check-up assessments of injured and affected muscles are quickly made in-house, without complex, expensive diagnostics, requiring specialized clinics.

      • analytics

        Early TMG™ Rehabilitation Check-up assessments through comparison with the unaffected contralateral side help define a baseline and treatment goals for faster rehabilitation.

      • action

        At any point during rehabilitation athletes are assessed for progress and rehabilitation strategy adjusted based on specific TMG™ Rehabilitation Check-up outcomes.

      • intervention

        When symmetry and synchronicity return to normal, an informed and safe decision to return to competition can be made.


      Our patented measurement device was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Biomedical and Muscle Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide every customer with on-site installation and user training, a 12-month guarantee and software support, including upgrades and on-site service.

      • 1. Electrical Stimulator
      • 2. Digital Sensor
      • 3. Tripod & Manipulating Hand
      • 4. Electrodes

      TMG’s proprietary software interface is user-friendly and delivers all relevant data in a compelling way. The results, displayed in numeric and graphic formats, are stored in a secure database, and can be exported in various formats. We provide our customers with software upgrades and on-site service.

    • Testimonials

      “TMG became our most useful equipment for effective individual monitoring.”

      anilDr. Anıl Isik, Team Physician of Istanbul BB SK & Head of Monilabb (Turkey’s first and only athlete monitoring lab)

      “We started using TMG in our athlete monitoring lab just a few months before but it
      became our most useful equipment for effective individual monitoring. As well as using the system to see readiness of our players for the games and trainings, TMG helps us to modify individual exercises and therapy techniques. While using the system regularly, it is so exciting to see many different functional and scientific options which we can use it for. I can tell that, TMG helps us to hit exactly the target.”

  • Selected References

    TMG™ Medical is used by eminent medical institutions.

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    • Medyarthros clinic, Guadalajara, Mexico
    • Rehabilitation Hospital Soča, Slovenia
    • Preobraghensky clinic, Russia
    • Think Fitness, Football Performance & Injury Clinic, UK
    • VF Sport, Functional Evaluation, Seville, Spain
    • Centre for sport medicine CMŠ, Slovenia
    • Novaelite clinic, Spain
    • NeuroExcellence clinic, Portugal
    • Cortsen Fysioterapi, Denmark
    • See all references