• Problem

      You find treating chronic muscle conditions challenging because they are affected by many factors and you cannot accurately and reliably measure muscle function.


      The interplay of non-physical factors, disturbed motoric abilities and disrupted muscle functions in chronic musculoskeletal conditions requires careful TMG™ Chronic Muscle Change Diagnostics analysis to guarantee treatment success.

    • How it works?

      • measurement

        TMG™ Chronic Muscle Change Diagnostics’ proven high objectivity and low variability make it the perfect tool for longitudinal muscle function evaluations.

      • analytics

        TMG™ Chronic Muscle Change Diagnostics assessments inherently allow muscle status evaluations without interference of non-muscle related factors that may cloud other assessments.

      • action

        The effects of treatments on muscle function can be precisely and objectively monitored over a long period of time.

      • intervention

        TMG™ Chronic Muscle Change Diagnostics is perfectly suited to evaluate effects of expensive medicines and efficiency of treatments on a muscle level.


      Our patented measurement device was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Biomedical and Muscle Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide every customer with on-site installation and user training, a 12-month guarantee and software support, including upgrades and on-site service.

      • 1. Electrical Stimulator
      • 2. Digital Sensor
      • 3. Tripod & Manipulating Hand
      • 4. Electrodes

      TMG’s proprietary software interface is user-friendly and delivers all relevant data in a compelling way. The results, displayed in numeric and graphic formats, are stored in a secure database, and can be exported in various formats. We provide our customers with software upgrades and on-site service.

    • Testimonials

      “TMG is a promising technology.”

      joernProf. Dr. Joern Rittweger, Manchester Metropolitan University

      “TMG is a promising technology which I want to apply in various research projects in the future. As a non-invasive technique, tensiomyography can be easily applied in most of my studies.”

    • Selected References

      TMG™ Research is used by eminent research institutions.

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      • Medical University Gottingen, Germany
      • University of Mainz, Germany
      • University of Bochum, Germany
      • Kokushikan University, Japan
      • University of Brussels, Belgium
      • The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
      • Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
      • University of Malaya, Malaysia
      • North West University Potchefstroom, South Africa
      • University of Primorska, Slovenia
      • University of Maribor, Slovenia
      • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
      • Stirling University, Scotland, UK
      • University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica
      • University of Craiova, Romania
      • University of Barcelona, INEF Barcelona, Spain
      • University of Granda, Spain
      • University of Lerida, Spain
      • University of Seville, Spain
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      • University of Bath, UK
      • University of Castilla la Mancha, INEF Toledo, Spain
      • European University of Madrid, Spain
      • Beijing sport university, China
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      • See all references