• Problem

        Muscle and tendon tension and force data during activity are relevant and essential to experts, but require highly specialised, frequently invasive work.


        TMG™ MC Monitoring Research System is a unique, ground-breaking method to measure in-situ tension changes in muscle and tendon, directly, selectively, non-invasively during various types of muscle activity.


        Our patented measurement device was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Biomedical and Muscle Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide every customer with on-site installation and user training, a 12-month guarantee and software support, including upgrades and on-site service.

        • 1. Wireless data logger
        • 2. MC sensors
        • 3. Sensor tips
        • 4. Adhesive patches

        TMG’s proprietary software interface is user-friendly and delivers all relevant data in a compelling way. The results, displayed in numeric and graphic formats, are stored in a secure database, and can be exported in various formats. We provide our customers with software upgrades and on-site service.

        Universal DAQ system connection option (NEW)

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      • Testimonials

        “TMG is a promising technology.”

        joernProf. Dr. Joern Rittweger, Manchester Metropolitan University

        “TMG is a promising technology which I want to apply in various research projects in the future. As a non-invasive technique, tensiomyography can be easily applied in most of my studies.”

      • Selected References

        TMG™ Research is used by eminent research institutions.

        • University of Greenwich, UK
        • University of Malaya, Malaysia
        • Queen Mary University of London, UK
        • Kokushikan University, Japan
        • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
        • University of Primorska, Slovenia