2016 was a very productive year in terms of the publication of scientific articles on tensiomyography. Authors from all over the world published 17 articles that cover a wide spectrum of different fields, from sports science, rehabilitation, to medicine. You can find the list of new articles below, yet you are also welcome to download the full list of publications on tensiomyography here.

Tsunoda et al., 2016 – Structural and functional characteristics of human skeletal muscle due to athletic performance
Peterson et al., 2016 – Tensiomyographical responses to accelerometer loads in female collegiate basketball players
MacGregor et al., 2016 – Reduced Radial Displacement of the Gastrocnemius Medialis Muscle Following Electrically Elicited Fatigue
Loturco et al., 2016 – Muscle Contraction Velocity: A Suitable Approach to Analyze the Functional Adaptations in Elite Soccer Players
Murray et al., 2016 – Sixty Seconds of Foam Rolling Does Not Affect Functional Flexibility or Change Muscle Temperature in Adolescent Athletes
Završnik et al., 2016 – Correlation between TMG and running speed
Rusu et al., 2016 – Correlation between neuromuscular assessment and evoked potential in the prediction of the multiple sclerosis evolution
Raeder et al., 2016 – Assessment of Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes After 6 Days of Intensified Strength Training
Calvo et al., 2016 – Effects of dry needling (DNHS technique) on the contractile properties of spastic muscles in a patient with stroke: a case report
Pišot et al., 2016 – Physical inactivity effects on morphological and musculoskeletal changes
Rey et al., 2016 – Effect of High and Low Flexibility Levels on Physical Fitness and Neuromuscular Properties in Professional Soccer Players
Martinez-Cabrera et al., 2016 – Acute Effect of a Foam Roller on the Mechanical Properties of the Rectus Femoris Based on Tensiomyography in Soccer Players
De Paula Simola et al., 2016 – Muscle mechanical properties of strength and endurance athletes and changes after one week of intensive training
Seijas et al., 2016 – Gluteus maximus impairment in femoroacetabular impingement: a tensiomyographic evaluation of a clinical fact
García et al., 2016 – Impact of hydration on muscle contraction properties of elite competitive wrestlers
De Paula Simola et al., 2016 – Tensiomyography reliability and prediction of changes in muscle force following heavy eccentric strength exercise using muscle mechanical properties
Hoon Chai et al., 2016 – Analysis of Bodybuilder’s Skeletal Muscle Characteristics Using Tensiomyography

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