TMG-BMC Ltd. Is a cutting-edge biomechanics and kinesiology company providing the best in fitness and rehabilitation solutions for sports, medical, research and work related applications. Our own in-house research resources continually develop patented, highly effective programs for the optimization of the training and rehabilitation processes for top sportspeople as well as general physiotherapy and medical requirements.

As a result of creating and developing the field of Tensiomyography (TMG), TMG-BMC Ltd’s unique products and techniques have already been adopted by major users from elite football clubs such as FC Barcelona to leading medical and research institutions. TMG-BMC Ltd. is fast becoming the primary option for accurate, non-invasive and cost-effective diagnosis and treatment.


“Our vision is to make our products and services available to anyone and everyone who would benefit from a highly efficient, patient-friendly and cost-effective monitoring and diagnostic rehabilitation resource. We are committed to a continuing program of research and development to ensure that TMG will continue to offer the optimum diagnostic technologies in biomechanics and kinesiology.”