Jure Jemec, CEO

Jure Jemec joined TMG in 2007 as CEO. Applying his bold vision, enthusiasm and skills, the company managed to expand its operations worldwide, while enlarging the research department. Jure has also significantly contributed in gaining venture funding and securing resources from several international grants.


Jan Kobler, Authorized assistant manager

Jan Kobler has worked as a consultant at RSG capital since May 2009. As an investment director and partner, he successfully led the fundraising efforts of a €38 million regional PE fund. Apart from investment experience, Jan also has operational experience that is why he has been actively involved in the management of the company.


Srdjan Djordjević, Founder and Head of R&D

Srdjan Djordjević is among Europe’s leading athletic coaches. During his career he has been coaching more than 30 athletes and Olympic Games participants. His constant drive for innovation, valuable engineering and academic experiences has led to the development of Tensiomyography, TMG’s proprietary methodology. Srdjan is leading the R&D department.


Merlene Ottey, Founder and Head of Merlene Ottey High Performance Team

Merlene Ottey, a track and field athlete, nine times Olympic medalist and the oldest athlete to compete in the World Cup has contributed greatly to the development of the company, its products and services. During her career as a professional sportswoman, she has also managed to develop strong marketing skills during her work for Puma. As the Head of Merlene Ottey High Performance Team she is aims to transfer her extensive knowledge to other top athletes and their coaches.


Sergej Rozman, Senior Consultant

As a former elite track & field athlete and a bachelor of sport sciences, Sergej Rozman has valuable experience in physical fitness and optimization of training protocols. He has been conducting TMG diagnostics for more than a decade and is one of the most experienced experts in the field. Sergej’s tasks in the company vary from sales presentations to new products tests and customer training.


Jan Žumer, R&D

As a former elite track & field athlete and a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Jan Žumer is also a certified T&F coach with extensive experience in athlete physical conditioning and rehab. Jan’s tasks in the company range from new technology development and testing to TMG diagnostics.