The study of Reaeder et al. (2016) aimed to analyze changes of neuromuscular, physiological and perceptual markers for a routine assessment of fatigue and recovery in high-resistance strength training. Fourteen male and nine female athletes participated in a six-day intensified strength training micro-cycle (STM) designed to purposefully overreach. After each cycle, they were evaluated with tensiomyography. The study revealed that the markers Td and Tc remained unaffected throughout the STM. Moreover, the accuracy of the selected markers for the assessment of fatigue and recovery in relation to 1RMest derived from a contingency table was inadequate. Correlational analyses also revealed no significant relationships between changes in 1RMest and all analyzed markers. In conclusion, mean changes of performance markers and CK, DOMS, PPC and MS may be attributed to an STM-induced fatigue and subsequent recovery. You can find the complete article here.

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