TMG-BMC at the Isokinetic – 22nd International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology. This year’s theme was on Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle & Tendon Injuries and the event took place at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, April 20th and 21st in London.The conference is a must-visit for anyone dedicated to treating and preventing muscle and tendon injuries. We witnessed many excellent presentations by authorities in their respective fields.

The ensuing debate and controversy indicate that there is still a concrete need for a deeper understanding and insight in muscle contraction properties and dynamics, as well as function and characteristics of injured and healthy tendon. This will certainly help improve treatment and prevention. Hamstring injuries and their prevention, prolotherapies, quadriceps tendon and infra-patellar tendinopathy, achillotendinopathy and groin pain were topics that stood out for us. Certainly because TMG100 tensiomyography has a proven track record in the assessment of these disorders as well as the monitoring of their treatment and prevention

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