TMG100 tensiomyography is indicated and frequently used in elite sports and rehabilitation training to determine the specific effects of different training methodologies on individual muscle contraction properties. A recent study in junior soccer players confirms the relevance and rational for using TMG100 tensiomyography in every training practice. One group of subjects followed an isometric-concentric protocol for the rectus femoris, the other a concentric protocol. Study results suggested that the isometric-concentric program group increased its recruitment of fast, fibre type II motor units, while in the concentric protocol group there is a tendency towards slower motor unit recruitment. The TMG100 findings are supported by the results of soccer specific field tests in which the isometric-concentric group scored better overall after completing the training protocol. This study supports that TMG100 tensiomyography is a very important tool in training and rehab monitoring to determine the exact effects various training strategies have on muscle function. By conducting regular TMG100 tensiomyography check-ups, training strategies can be adjusted and fine-tuned based on objective and relevant information. You can access to the complete article here.

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