Manuel García has recently published an article with the title Impact of hydration on muscle contraction properties of elite competitive wrestlers, in which he, as the name suggests, investigates the influence of the pre-competition level of hydration on muscle contractile properties in elite wrestlers. Tensiomyography was applied to analyze the contractile properties of the vastus medialis (VM), vastus lateralis (VL), rectus femoris and biceps femoris (BF) muscles of both legs. The athlete’s hydration level was assessed by using the bioelectrical impedance analysis. The author concludes that wrestlers who were less-hydrated at the weigh-in had poorer muscle contractile properties, mainly due to the additional contraction time and the lower radial muscular displacement. Years of reducing body weight by wrestlers based on irrational nutritional strategies may have negative effects on health in the future. Therefore, regular monitoring of the health of wrestlers at the end of their sporting career is essential for developing recommendations for practice of training. You can read the full article here.

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