We have just released a free of charge upgrade for our TMG Software 3. Significant improvements have been made, therefore installing this latest version of the software is highly recommendable for optimal use of your TMG S1 System. The software upgrade does not impact stored information and existing databases. Updating to version 3.6.2. provides the benefits of a new, improved and more pleasant user interface along with a new reporting module.

In addition, the new version includes also the following improvements and features:
• increased number of sports
• updated images used for choosing the measured muscle
• increased number of available muscles
• higher resolution color images for sensor positioning.

In order to ensure you a smooth transition to the new version of TMG software, we provide a free of charge software upgrade through our web-based upgrade service. Please contact our technical support team on customer-support@tmg.si or +386 838 77530 to secure the upgrade of your software.

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