In the consensus statement “Terminology and classification of muscle injuries in sport”, the most eminent experts in the field of sports medicine have defined the classification of muscle injuries in order to facilitate effective communication among medical practitioners and development of systematic treatment strategies.

A new classification system is divided into two subgroups, which further differentiate between four types:

Functional muscle disorders:
Type 1: overexertion-related
Type 2: neuromuscular muscle disorders
Structural muscle injury:
Type 3: partial tears
Type 4: (sub)total tears/tendon avulsions

The article provides several treatment strategies for each type of injury, which are based on methods such as ultrasound, MRI, clinical tests and others. These methods provide valuable information, yet, they are limited to the assessment of mechanical status of injury, while they cannot quantify the loss of muscle function. The TMG S1 system, a unique tool for quick and accurate location of asymmetries in muscle groups, on the other hand, provides detailed and quantified information on the loss of muscle function. As such it supports athletes, coaches and medical staff with relevant and complete information on the injured muscle and enables them to develop the most suitable rehabilitation strategy.

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