• Problem

      You are investing a massive amount of money in a top athlete. An undetected or unforeseeable injury could put your investment at risk.


      The TMG™ Player Selection presents a unique way of objectively assessing athletes for weaknesses in muscle chains, helping you to accurately assess the risk of your investment.

    • How it works?

      • measurement

        A full-body TMG Player Selection™ assessment provides an unsurpassed and comprehensive insight into an athlete’s functional muscle status.

      • analytics

        Each muscle is assessed for symmetry and synchronicity and checked against sport-specific reference data in TMG Player Selection™ exclusive database.

      • action

        Dysfunctional muscles are easily identified, giving insight into injury risk and status of the athlete you are investing in.

      • intervention

        Avoid the need for exhausting and potentially injury-causing tests, and expensive, off-location medical imaging with little functional information.


      Our patented TENSIOMYOGRAPHY measuring device TMG S2 was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Biomedical and Muscle Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide every customer with on-site installation and user training, a 12-month guarantee and software support, including upgrades and on-site service.

      • 1. Electrical Stimulator
      • 2. Digital Sensor
      • 3. Tripod & Manipulating Hand
      • 4. Electrodes

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      TMG’s proprietary software interface is user-friendly and delivers all relevant data in a compelling way. The results, displayed in numeric and graphic formats, are stored in a secure database, and can be exported in various formats. We provide our customers with software upgrades and on-site service.

    • Testimonials

      “In athletics, assessing an athlete’s recovery from an injury is essential.”

      gerryGerry Ramogida, Lead Performance Therapist, UK Athletics

      TMG offers a quick and convenient way to allow accurate assessment prior to training, assessment and response during training, as well as recovery at specified intervals post training. We get immediate feedback on the effect of treatment inputs in regards to the influence on tissue recruitment and stiffness. As valuable as TMG is in monitoring the progression of rehabilitation, it is equally valuable in measuring day to day athlete readiness to train, giving a quick insight into whether training sessions should be altered in regards to the intensity or volume. The biggest errors in athletics occur when the choice of the training stimulus exceeds the athlete’s readiness. TMG gives us an opportunity to avoid such errors”.

    • Selected References

      Merlene Ottey High Performance solutions are used by world’s most prominent athletes, sports clubs and national federations.

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      • University of Iowa Olympic centre, USA
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