Abstract: Using Tensiomyography we evaluated a patient that had Achilles tendon rupture surgery. The contralateral normal side measurements were also performed for evaluation and comparison of the site of injury.

The occurrence of Achilles tendon rupture happens in 2% of the population per year. In recent years there has been an increased interest in middle-aged and older patients in physical conditioning and joining in with athletic activities. There are two types of Achilles tendon ruptures. One is from direct trauma and another from indirect causes. Indirect causes are more frequent and result from a combination of mechanical stress and degeneration. Achilles tendon operation results are affected by several factors like age, muscle-tendon flexibility, strength, rupture site, etc. The factors that interest us most are muscle-tendon flexibility and strength of the calf muscle. TMG can evaluate the function of skeletal muscle through contraction time (Tc), maximal displacement (Dm), and other parameters.

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