A research group in the Netherlands, consisting of the Amphia Hospital’s Orthopedics Department, Doornbos Fysio Group and Avans Hogeschool are conducting research into the use of TMG100 tensiomyography in the treatment of low back pain.

In the current study they will identify differences in TMG100 results in muscles commonly involved in low back pain, between healthy subjects and patients suffering from non-specific low back pain. The aim of the research is to contribute to the body of evidence and knowledge in low back pain rehabilitation and exercise programs. The first pilot measurements were conducted in March and we are looking forward to reporting on the study progress in future newsletters.
The Amphia Hospital (http://www.amphia.nl) is one of the Netherlands’ largest hospitals. Its mission is to provide accessible, efficient and safe basic specialist, tertiary and high level clinical care of high quality. Doornbos Fysio Groep (http://www.doornbosfysiogroep.nl) is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic with several locations in and around Breda. Among their many specialisations they focus spine rehabilitation using the David Spine Concept. Avans Hogeschool provides education in physiotherapy in the Netherlands with a specific focus on evidence-based practice in their education processes and motoric learning as a basis for therapeutic treatment.

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