In India TMG-BMC formalized a distribution and representation relationship with Fit and Spa Solutions of Bangalore. TMG100 tensiomyography was launched with a workshop in tensiomyography at the Recoup Neuro Musculoskeletal Rehab Clinic and numerous presentations and demonstrations for prominent experts in rehab, sports medicine and elite sports in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. Given the intensity at which elite cricket is now being played in India and with hamstring injuries being so prominent in the sport, we are adement there is a place for TMG100 to aid in performance and injury prevention of elite cricket athletes. It is also evident that other sports such as soccer, tennis, badminton and field hockey are becoming more popular and prevalent.

TMG100 can play an important role in developing and monitoring new Indian talent in these sports fields. Likewise rehabilitation services are rapidly developing and expanding with many practitioners becoming aware that TMG100 offers an opportunity to make rehab processes more effective and efficient. Especially in the private rehab center keeping a step ahead requires an open mind for new technologies, and where better to start than at the very source of many problems, functional muscle diagnostics? With Fit and Spa Solutions, TMG-BMC is confident we have found the right partner, they already supply the Indian market with top brands in specialized fitness and wellness equipment. Their choice to carry TMG100 in their product range, completes their offer from muscle diagnostics to offering the very best in sports and rehab training. In the coming months more workshops and demonstrations are planned in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

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