On the 18th annual congress of European College of Sport Science in Barcelona, we will present world’s first application for fast diagnostic of patellar and quadriceps tendon viscoelastic properties.

Preliminary studies have shown that patients with repeated knee problems have changed viscoelastic properties of patellar and quadriceps tendon. Until now there was no direct diagnostic available, however with the development of our new product based on recently invented MC method, this will change.

To get more information about our revolutionary diagnostic product, visit us on ECSS in Barcelona at stand 75 or contact us on info@tmg.si.

In professional cricket, hamstring injuries show the highest incidence and prevalence. Leading cricket experts agree that regular TMG100 assessments can help reduce hamstring injury risk and can aid in fine-tuning team prehab and rehab protocols.

Having gained knowledge and exerptize from top European football, TMG-BMC has developed a team reporting add-on to its TMG100 software, which allows for an unprecented team viewing option. Furthermore, TMG-BMC is actively working with cricket rehab and strength and conditions experts to bring TMG100 to the world of cricket.

A research group in the Netherlands, consisting of the Amphia Hospital’s Orthopedics Department, Doornbos Fysio Group and Avans Hogeschool are conducting research into the use of TMG100 tensiomyography in the treatment of low back pain.

In the current study they will identify differences in TMG100 results in muscles commonly involved in low back pain, between healthy subjects and patients suffering from non-specific low back pain. The aim of the research is to contribute to the body of evidence and knowledge in low back pain rehabilitation and exercise programs. The first pilot measurements were conducted in March and we are looking forward to reporting on the study progress in future newsletters.
The Amphia Hospital (http://www.amphia.nl) is one of the Netherlands’ largest hospitals. Its mission is to provide accessible, efficient and safe basic specialist, tertiary and high level clinical care of high quality. Doornbos Fysio Groep (http://www.doornbosfysiogroep.nl) is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy clinic with several locations in and around Breda. Among their many specialisations they focus spine rehabilitation using the David Spine Concept. Avans Hogeschool provides education in physiotherapy in the Netherlands with a specific focus on evidence-based practice in their education processes and motoric learning as a basis for therapeutic treatment.

Staff from Leadsports went to Beijing Sports University to do measurements with the TMG100 system. Among other activities a meeting with Prof. Wang Weixing, a famous expert in Physical Training in China was carried out.

Several measurements were done for one of his phd students from Beijing Sports University in two situations, one in normal condition and second after high intensive workout. The results proved that TMG100 is a valuable tool in training optimization among other benefits and Prof. Wang spoke highly about the system. This event will help to further promote TMG100 in the area and in the sports community in general.

TMG-BMC at the Isokinetic – 22nd International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology. This year’s theme was on Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle & Tendon Injuries and the event took place at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, April 20th and 21st in London.The conference is a must-visit for anyone dedicated to treating and preventing muscle and tendon injuries. We witnessed many excellent presentations by authorities in their respective fields.

The ensuing debate and controversy indicate that there is still a concrete need for a deeper understanding and insight in muscle contraction properties and dynamics, as well as function and characteristics of injured and healthy tendon. This will certainly help improve treatment and prevention. Hamstring injuries and their prevention, prolotherapies, quadriceps tendon and infra-patellar tendinopathy, achillotendinopathy and groin pain were topics that stood out for us. Certainly because TMG100 tensiomyography has a proven track record in the assessment of these disorders as well as the monitoring of their treatment and prevention

Beijing Sport University which has recently bought our system has integrated TMG diagnostic measurements in their daily routine.

The last measurements that they made were on the Javelin athletes, members of national team. The results gave coaches new spectrum of opportunities for individual work in the area of training optimization and injury prevention.

We have returned from Medica where we have exhibited our recently developed Senstension measurement technology along with our innovative method for measurement of muscle and tendon tension Muscle Contraction or shorter MC.

Senstension has received positive feedback from the visitors and other attending experts which gave us additional motivation for further development of this technology .

We are proud that we have gained funding from RSG Capital, the leading Slovenian Venture capital fund. Fresh resources will enable us to commercialize new generation of our products and continue with work on other R&D projects in the field of muscle and movement diagnostics.